Puzzle Quiz 5

Puzzle is a way of build an logical thinking,Using mathematical or reasoning based puzzle make more confident apart from which focused you on the improvement of problem solving skills.In this days many people only focused in learning and get marks in exams that’s all done, but they never prepare how to solves critical questions.

Some time school students are concentrate only there books chapter wise preparation we thought that only that amount study would not be make sufficient knowledge and Many time we are also thought that lack of problem solving proficiency which make us very low equality of thinking in mathematical and logically. So overcome this gap between today’s critical problems solving we need to learn so many thinks like puzzles quiz.

Question 1:
You are participating in a race,you overtake the last person What position are you in?

Solution :
you cannot be behind The last person unless you are the last person, if that’s the case, you will still be last. Unless you are first in the race and overtake the last person in which case you will still be first.

Question 2:
A Carpenter is returning from market, where he bought a she-goat, a wolf and cabbage. On the way home he must cross a river. His boat is little, allowing him to take only one of the three things. He can’t keep the she-goat and the cabbage together (because the she-goat would eat it), nor the she-goat with the wolf (because the she-goat would be eaten). How shall the farmer get everything on the other side (without any harm)?

Here is the solution:-
farmer crosses with goat
farmer returns alone
farmer crosses with cabbage or wolf
farmer returns with goat
farmer crosses with whichever (cabbage or wolf) he didn’t take the first time
farmer returns alone
farmer crosses with goat
they are all on the other side

Question 3:
There are 10 black socks and 10 white socks in a drawer.
Now you have to go out wearing your shoes.
So how many maximum number of times you need to remove the sock from drawer so that you can go out?

Solution :
You can remove only 1 sock at a time.
Obviously, you can’t go outside wearing different socks!

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