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Basic Shortcut Tricks


Basic Shortcut Tricks

Shortcut Tricks are very important things in competitive exam. Competitive exams are all about time. If you know time management then everything will be easier for you. Most of us skip that part. Few examples on Basic Shortcut Tricks is given in this page below. We try to provide all types of shortcut tricks on basic math here. Visitors are requested to carefully read all shortcut examples. These examples here will help you to better understand shortcut tricks on basic math.


Before starting anything just do a math practice set. Then find out twenty math problems related to this topic and write those on a paper. Do first ten maths using basic formula of this math topic. You also need to keep track of timing. After finish write down total time taken by you to solve those ten maths. Now go through our page for basic math shortcut trick. After finishing this do remaining questions using Basic Math shortcut tricks. Again keep track of the time. This time you will surely see improvement in your timing. But this is not all you need. You need to practice more to improve your timing more.

Few Important things to Remember

You all know that math portion is very much important in competitive exams. It doesn’t mean that other topics are not so important. You can get a good score only if you get a good score in math section. You can get good score only by practicing more and more.

The only thing you need to do is to do your math problems correctly and within time, and this can be achieved only by using shortcut tricks. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t do math problems without using any shortcut tricks. You may have that potential that you may do maths within time without using any shortcut tricks. But other peoples may not do the same. Here we prepared basic math shortcut tricks for those people. We always try to put all shortcut methods of the given topic. But if you see any tricks are missing from the list then please inform us. Your little help will help others.



Basically, math is very simple and logical. And, you can easily get more accurate marks in it than Reasoning and other competitive papers. So, noting to worry. And, here we discuss basic math tricks in this page. Also, here is some sub link which you need to remember for better understandings. Just follow basic things:

So, using the above three things we all can calculate any type of mathematical questions. So, if you want to calculate faster, then you need some tips and tricks.

  • TABLE up to 30 (mandatory)

Basic Needs

First of all, you need to remember all this things before we do some really handy stuff.

  • Whole number={0,1,2,3,4,………..}
  • Integers={…..,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,…..}
  • Real number={…..,2.8,-2,-10,1,1.9,–2,3,3.12,3.13,…..}
  • Even number={2,4,6,…..}
  • Odd number=1,3,5,7,…..}
  • Prime number={2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,…..}
  • (a+b)2=a2+2ab+b2
  • (a-b)2=a2-2ab+b2
  • a2-b2=(a+b).(a-b)
  • (a+b)3=a3+b3+3ab(a+b)
  • (a-b)3=a3-b3-3ab(a-b)
  • a3+b3=(a+b)(a2+b2-ab)
  • a3-b3=(a-b)(a2+b2+ab)

So, here we provide few shortcut tricks on this topic. Also, visit this page to get updates on more Math Shortcut Tricks. You can also like our facebook page to get updates.

So, if you have any question regarding this topic then please do comment on below section. Meanwhile, you can also send us message on facebook.



  1. mannu bharti says:

    sir pls give me the trick for division of large no by approx method eg if we want to divide 1232/321, then we can use it as 1200/300, bt how to calculate the change in fraction.. pls help

  2. SABARI R says:

    Dear sir,
    Please give me the trick for SQUARE Root method eg if we know 16 square root is 4 and 49 square root is 7 but I want to know the shortcut trick for big digit no’s like 65536 square root is ? …… please help me

    • Megha says:

      Hello Sabari
      To calculate square root for 65536 let me tell u a short cut. Consider the last digit of 65536, which is 6. so the square of 2 numbers will end with 6 ie. 4 or 6.keep this in mind. then ignore the last two digits of 65536 ie. 36. consider 655 that lies within 25 and 26 square. 25 will be ur answer’s first two digit.
      to find the last digit, multiply 25 and 26 which is 650 that is less than 655. so u have to take the greater value among 4 and 6 ie. 6. in other case take smaller value if the multiplied value is greater.

  3. Priyanka says:

    Hello, Sir or Mam, I have a small request, Can u solve this question,_ 1 1 1 2 10 105 X, find the number of replace X . I can’nt solve this so please Give me a Answer

  4. randhawa says:

    could u please send me the PDF copy of these shortcut-tricks, i will be very thankful to u, please send me the PDF copy as fast as possible…..plzz…..plzz

  5. Kirti says:

    Hey please help me i need to clear a competitive exam bt m a little weak in maths please help and do reply u can also email me on my email..thnx

  6. Subhra Ranjan says:

    A demographic survey of 100 families in which two parents wre present revea
    led that the average age A, of the odlest child is 20 years less than 1/2 the sum of the age of two parents. If F represents the age of one parient and M is the age of another parient, then which of the following is equavalent to A?

    (a) F+M-20/2 (b) F+M/2+20 (c)F+M/2-20 (d) F+M-10

  7. pubali says:

    sir,even though i am practising hard,but am unable to score well in the quantitative aptitude section of any competitive exam due to which i fail to qualify for the exams.please suggest me some ways so that i can qualify for coming exams this year.

  8. anyonymous says:

    Hello sir/mam I m attempting for clat can u help me with percentage .LCM hcf ,time distance speed I find them very tough

  9. q says:

    Gowtham says: February 6, 2016 at 3:20 pm
    How to find the missing Number? Example:
    379 ——–
    How to find ?


    Abhishek says: February 12, 2016 at 4:58 am
    This ans is 480 yes or no plzz tell me

    Plz verify

  10. hritvik says:

    hey can uhh please help me to got some tricks solving quantitive apptitude test

    nd suggest me few books also to be prepare

  11. Sumita says:

    Hiii I am very weak in maths whenever I try 2 solve it every time I am getting wrong answer I am not getting what to do as I am preparing for banking except maths I am good in every section but in maths I can’t able to cope up plz suggest me what should I do

  12. sumit sahay says:

    heloo sir .my name is sumit ..actuly i want to know about pattrn qustion which alwys given in ssc and bank exm ..triks and qustion .if avlible in your site where i can fint it .

  13. Aadarsh jain says:

    I want a trick for series and sequences(IIT-JEE) which includes AP GP AND HP AND AGP can you give me some tricks i am an avg. student

  14. Aniket Sham thenge says:

    Actually sir muze math padhna abhut accha lagta hai me uspe cosan treat nahi kar pata plz help and basic kaise clear kare wo muze aap batao

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