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Mathematical Formula for Competitive Exams 2024 – Online Preparation


What is Mathematical Formula

A Mathematical formula is a representation of a mathematical rule. This often express with a group of letters or symbols or numbers.


Why you need Mathematical Formula in Competitive Exams

Mathematical formulas are one of the most important thing in exams. Time is the main factor in competitive exams. If you manage your time, then you can do well in those exams. Math formula helps you to manage your time. It helps to solve your math problems quickly.

Competitive exams are filled with maths where you need mathematical formula. So, Mathematical Formulas are very important and necessary for doing maths. If you learn all math formulas, then it will be very easy for you to crack the exam. And, without remembering formula you can’t survive in this competitive exam world.

Few Important things to Remember

Math section in a competitive exam is the most important part of the exam. That doesn’t mean that other topics are less important. But, if you need a good score in exam then you have to score good in maths. A good score comes with practice and practice. The only thing you need to do is to do your math problems correctly and within time, and you can do this only by using shortcut tricks. Again it does not mean that you can’t do maths without using shortcut tricks. You may do math problems within time without using any shortcut tricks. You may have that potential.

But, so many other people may not do the same. Here we prepared mathematical formula shortcut tricks for those people. And, in this page we try to put all types of shortcut tricks on Mathematical Formula. But, we may miss few of them. And, if you know anything else rather than these, then please do share with us. Your little help will help so many needy.


Let’s get started with the Math formulas

Few mathematical formulas are given in this page below. All types of mathematical formula are provided here. We request all visitors to read all formulas carefully. These mathematical formula here will help you to do exam maths very easily.

Mathematical Formula So, here in this page we put together all basic mathematical formula. And, you need these formulas in your exams. Basically, these are the basic formulas which you all did in our school days. During Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9, Class 10 you did these formulas. Firstly, you need to memorize these math formula very carefully before your exam. So, that you can apply it properly in your exams. And, trust me it is very easy to remember. So, here we provide few basic mathematical formula which will help you to do maths in your competitive exams.

All Algebra Formula:

Square Formulas

  • 1. (a + b)2 = a2 + 2ab + b2
  • 2. (a − b)2 = a2 − 2ab + b2
  • 3. a2 + b2 = (a + b)2 − 2ab
  • 4. a2 + b2 = (a − b)2 + 2ab
  • 5. a2 + b2 = ½{(a + b)2 + (a – b)2}
  • 6. a2 − b2 = (a + b)(a − b)

Cube Formulas

  • 1. (a + b)3 = a3 + b3 + 3ab(a + b)
  • 2. (a − b)3 = a3 − b3 − 3ab(a − b)
  • 3. a3 + b3 = (a + b)3 − 3ab(a + b)
  • 4. a3 − b3 = (a − b)3 + 3ab(a − b)
  • 5. a3 − b3 = (a − b)(a2 + ab + b2)
  • 6. a3 + b3= (a + b)(a2 − ab + b2)

All other Algebra Formulas

  • a4 – b4 = (a2 – b2)(a2 + b2) = (a + b)(a – b)(a2 + b2)
  • a4 + b4 = (a2 + b2)2 – 2a2b2 = (a2 + √2ab + b2)(a2 – √2ab + b2)
  • a5 + b5 = (a + b)(a4 – a3b + a2b2 – ab3 + b4 )
  • a5 – b5 = (a – b)(a4 + a3b + a2b2 + ab3 + b4)
  • an − bn = (a − b)(an−1 + an−2 b + an−3 b2 + ··· + bn−1n−1)
  • (a + b + c)2 = a2 + b2 + c2 + 2(ab + bc + ca)
  • a3 + b3 + c3 – 3abc = (a + b + c)(a2 + b2 + c2 – ab – bc – ca)
  • If a + b + c = 0, then the above identity reduces to a3 + b3 + c3 = 3abc

Few Other Mathematical Formula:

Here are all other math formulas which are also equally important for your exams. We know that, all of these formulas are not required together for any competitive exams. But, believe me some exams do include maths where you need these formulas.
Some really tough exams or some entrance exams frequently add maths which required these advance formulas. So, if you are planning to sit in those exams, you must learn these formulas.



So, here in this page we provide few Mathematical Formula. And, also visit this page to get updates on more Math Shortcut Tricks. Meanwhile, you can also check our facebook page to get more updates.

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