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25 Math Tricks to Crack Competitive Exams



As you already know that math is a very important topic in every competitive exams. So, here are 100% Quick and Easy Maths Shortcut Tricks for you all. Math Tricks and Tips and Shortcut is very important in every Competitive exams. So, these quick shortcut tricks will help you to solve math problems easily, quickly and efficiently in competitive exams. Most importantly, this will also improve your Techniques and Skills to solve mathematical problems.

What is this Website about?

Math Shortcut Tricks Firstly, this website is all about Shortcut Tricks and Tips of Quantitative Aptitude mathematics. So, if you need a job then you have to pass a Competitive exam. And, in “” we provide a helping hand to our visitors to crack their exam. In every competitive exam what makes you different from others is how fast and efficiently you do your maths. And, efficiency comes by practicing more and more. However, if you want to do your math problems faster than others, then you need to use math tricks or more specifically Maths Shortcut Tricks. Therefore, these tricks will helps you to do math problems faster.

25 Math Chapters Shortcut Tricks of 2022 for Competitive Exams

So, here are 25 math chapters from where all questions of aptitude will come. We categorize all chapters in three sections here, i.e, Basic Shortcut Tricks, Square and Cube Tricks and Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Tricks. So, just pick your topic and start learning math tricks for your exams.


Few Things to Remember

Here in our website we try to provide some basic math shortcut tricks as well as math tricks for all important math chapters. Firstly, try to remember all the basic tricks, because it will help you to do all math related problems very fast and efficiently. We also provide few questions and tricks on Roman Numeral and Puzzles. So, in the section below we discuss some Maths Shortcut Tricks of many math chapters. And, these math topics will definitely be there in your every competitive exams.

Basic Shortcut Tricks

In Basic Shortcut Tricks, we combine three basic math chapters tricks, i.e, Addition, Multiplication and Division. Each chapters also have many sub topics or sub tricks. Just go through the links to learn all tricks and sub tricks.


Square and Cube Tricks

In Square and Cube Tricks, you will learn basics of square and cube and few of their tricks. Again, go through the links to learn more about square and qube and their sub topics.


Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Tricks

These are the main topics from where all questions will come in your exams. And, of course you also need to learn all the previous topics before you start this section. And, again this section is also having math tricks of all chapters and their sub tricks. So, learn all the tricks to be the master of competitive exams.

You may need some basic understanding of every chapters before learning the shortcut tricks. We provide all the basics of that concerned chapter in that individual chapter page. You just need to go through the basic first before doing any shortcuts. helps you to prepare for Bank exams, all types of Government job exams and also for all competitive exams. So, stay with us for awesome exam materials. And, these materials will help you to crack your exam.

Also, feel free to ask any questions on math shortcut tricks. Moreover, if you need any help then put a comment in the comment section of that respective topic. Therefore we can reply to your question as soon as possible. Finally, visit this page to get updates on more Math Shortcut Tricks. You can also like our Facebook page to get more frequent updates.


Frequently asked questions – FAQ

See, we did not sale any of our materials. All the materials here is free and will always be free. In return we just want you to come to our website and learn from the website. That's the reason we don't provide PDF copy of our math tricks.

This will allow us to keep running the website. Hope you all understand.

May be...

You can use these shortcut tricks for your kids school math if school teachers allow your kids to use it. In school maths, we learn the math in detailed way. We need to show the entire procedure of solving a math problem. So, if your school allow your kids to solve maths using shortcut, then you are good to go with it.

But, We recommend you to teach your kids both the ways. Use the long way for schools and learn the shortcut for your kids future.


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