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Inequality Methods


Inequality Methods

Anything we learn in our school days was basics and that is well enough for passing our school exams. Now the time has come to learn for our competitive exams. For this we need our basics but also we have to learn something new. That’s where shortcut tricks are comes into action. This type of problem are given in Quantitative Aptitude which is a very essential paper in banking exam. Inequality Methods.


Under below  given some more example of Inequality Methods for your better practice. In competitive examination there are three situation based questions are given which is give below. Inequality shortcut trick or Inequality tricks or Inequality formula or Inequality problems  or Inequality examples or Inequality methods or shortcut tricks of Inequality or problems on inequality.

In Quantitative aptitude paper only five inequality  problems are given which is very easy to get this five marks. Just follow the rules of problems.

Few Important things to Remember

Shortcut tricks on inequality are one of the most important topics in exams. Competitive exams are all about time. If you know how to manage time then you will surely do great in your exam. Most of us miss that part. Few examples on inequality shortcuts is given in this page below. These shortcut tricks cover all sorts of tricks on Inequality. Visitors are requested to carefully read all shortcut examples. These examples will help you to understand shortcut tricks on Inequality.

Before doing anything we recommend you to do a math practice set. Choose any twenty math problems and write it down on a page. Solve first ten math problems according to basic math formula. You also need to keep track of Timing. After finish write down total time taken by you to solve those ten maths. Now read our examples on inequality shortcut tricks and practice few questions. After finishing this do remaining questions using Inequality shortcut tricks. Again keep track of timing. This time you will surely see improvement in your timing. But this is not all you need. You need to practice more to improve your timing more.


Inequality Methods

Math section in a competitive exam is the most important part of the exam. That doesn’t mean that other topics are less important. But if you need a good score in exam then you have to score good in maths. You can get good score only by practicing more and more. The only thing you need to do is to do your math problems correctly and within time, and only shortcut tricks can give you that success. Again it does not mean that you can’t do maths without using shortcut tricks. You may do math problems within time without using any shortcut tricks. You may have that potential.

But, so many people can’t do this. So Inequality shortcut tricks here for those people. We try our level best to put together all types of shortcut methods here. But it possible we miss any. We appreciate if you share that with us. Your help will help others.

Now we will discuss some basic ideas of Inequality Methods. And, on the basis of these ideas we will learn trick and tips of shortcut inequality methods. If you think that how to solve inequality methods questions using inequality methods shortcut tricks, then further studies will help you to do so.


What is Variables?

An element, that may vary or change using that we can create any equation and which is represent by x, y, z etc.


3x + 27y = 40 is variable.

2y + 5x = 12 is variable.


What is Constant?

A constant is number whose value is fixed in the context of use and which can not change is called a constant.

4x – 9y + 3z = 44
Here is 4 , 9 , 3 , 44 are constant value.


7y + 5y – 4z = 66
Here is 7 , 5 , 4 , 66 are constant value.

Few examples of Inequality Methods with Shortcut Tricks


So, we provide few tricks on Inequality methods. Please visit this page to get updates on more Math Shortcut Tricks.You can also like our facebook page to get updates.

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    • Maithili says:

      hi just like this suppose x= 4 5and y= 6 7
      always try write in descending order like 7654 = y>x
      if u got like this x = 45 and y = 5 7 then 7 5 5 4 if 2nd and 3rd terms got same then go for y>=x hope u got it apply for both -sign and +sign value

  1. reema basnet says:

    i m a bit confused in solving

    1) x^2 = 4

    2) x= sq.root 4

    i dont understand when to use +/- values
    same is the case with other even powers.

    please clear this point

    • Rajesh says:

      here in first equation
      x^2=4 Hence x=2 only
      But if we see Second equation x= sq.root 4 at that time it has two values that is +2 and -2
      When value is there in sq.root at that time use +/-


      when ever we see any no. to its power that is even the roots will be 2 (one is +ve other is -ve). x^2=16 the roots are +4 & -4 similarly if any no. that has odd power its root will be +ve. x^3=27 root will be 3 also x=sq. root of 16 , the root will be only 4 as power of x is 1 that is odd.

  2. madhuwala pandey says:

    after solving the equation how can we will determine the symbols , _, = or is greater than , is smaller than , not equal to, greater than equal to, smaller than equal to . please tell me in ful details.

  3. shubham mahobiya says:

    when i came in coaching sir taught that and m totally confuge about it then i i solve the equation in this happen clear thank u allot sir

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