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Speed Time and Distance Methods shortcut tricks


Speed Time and Distance Methods shortcut tricks

Speed Time and Distance Methods tricks are very important thing to know for your exams. Competitive exams are all about time. If you know how to manage time then you will surely do great in your exam. Most of us skip that part. Few examples on speed time and distance shortcuts

is given in this page below. These shortcut tricks cover all sorts of tricks on Speed Time and Distance. Visitors are requested to carefully read all shortcut examples. These examples here will help you to better understand shortcut tricks on Speed Time and Distance Methods.

Before starting anything just do a math practice set. Write down twenty math problems related to Speed Time and Distance Methods on a page. Using basic math formula do first ten maths of that page. You also need to keep track of timing. Write down the time taken by you to solve those questions. Now read our examples on speed time and distance shortcut tricks and practice few questions. After finishing this do remaining questions using Speed Time and Distance shortcut tricks. Again keep track of Timing. The timing will be surely improved this time. But this is not all you need. You need to practice more to improve your timing more.

Few Important things to Remember

Math section in a competitive exam is the most important part of the exam. That doesn’t mean that other sections are not so important. But only math portion can leads you to a good score. Only practice and practice can give you a good score. The only thing you need to do is to do your math problems correctly and within time, and you can do this only by using shortcut tricks. Again it does not mean that you can’t do maths without using shortcut tricks. You may have that potential to do maths within time without using any shortcut tricks.

But, so many people can’t do this. For those we prepared this speed time and distance shortcut tricks. We always try to put all shortcut methods of the given topic. But it possible we miss any. We appreciate if you share that with us. Your little help will help others.

Now we will discuss some basic ideas of Speed Time and Distance. On the basis of these ideas we will learn trick and tips of shortcut speed time and distance. If you think that how to solve speed time and distance questions using speed time and distance shortcut tricks, then further studies will help you to do so.



Speed Time and Distance

This type of problem are given in Quantitative Aptitude which is a very essential paper in banking exam. Under below  given some formula and more example for your better practice.

Anything we learn in our school days was basics and that is well enough for passing our school exams. Now the time has come to learn for our competitive exams. For this we need our basics but also we have to learn something new. That’s where shortcut tricks are comes into action.



Distance = Speed x Time


Generally use this formula we can find the distance of any running train, car etc. If Speed of train or car is given with time and using this multiplying this two we can find the distance covered by train. The unit of distance is kilometers, meters, miles, etc.


Speed = Distance / Time

To find the speed we can divide Distances by Time.
The unit of Speed has written in fractions that is Km/hr ( written as Distance unit in numerator and Time units in the denominator ), Suppose 35 Km/hr.



Time = Distance / Speed

To find the Time we can divide distance by speed.
If in the question is Time unit given in minute then convert it into hours divide 60 before you use the equation to find the distance in miles.
and if say to find in minutes take to cover distance in meter and speed in Km / hr then Km / hr convert into m / sec, multiplied by 5 / 18.


Some more Formulas

  • B km / hr convert to m / sec = ( B x 5 / 18) m / sec.
  • B m / sec convert to km / sec =(B x 18 / 5 ) km / sec.
  • If the speeds ratio of P and Q is p : q, then to cover the same distances the ratio of the times taken by them is 1 / p : 1 / q, or q : p.
  • Suppose a man covers a certain distance at x km / hr and an equal distance at y km / hr. Then, average speed during the whole journey is ( 2 x y / x + y ) km / hr.

Few examples of Speed Time and Distance


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  1. jagat jyoti biswas says:

    pls tell the question that where the two train go in same direction one is much more speed than the other. whose speed are different find length of the train, speed, time to cross the train etc

    • Parvinder Singh says:

      First train length 50mt.
      Second Train lenth =X mt (wich we have find)
      Speed of First Train = 50Km/hr
      Speend of 2nd train= 30 km/hr
      Time=36 Seconds ( fast train take to cross the slower train)

      Formula is -Distance = Time *Speed

      => 50+x = 36*(50-30)*5/18 => 50+x= 200
      and x= 150mr ans.

    • Asim Kumar Baitha says:

      Relative speed of two trains means the substraction of two speeds of those trains = speed of fast train – speed of slower train =x -y (let)
      Now , addition of two train’s length = a + b (let)
      So time for over take = (a +b)÷ (x+y)

    • Sathish Pandiyan says:

      Time taken to catch/cross = length/ relative speed

      For relative velocity,

      A) if it is travel in same direction =
      Relative speed = u-v

      B) if it is in opposite direction,
      Relative speed = u+v

      Length of each train should be added.

      Depends upon the given data, you can calculate whatever you want.

  2. monika says:

    Please provide me the answer of this question. A non stop train starts from Delhi at 6:00am and reaches Agra at 10:00am. The other nonstop train starts from Agra at 8:00am and reaches Delhi at 11:30am. If the distance between Agra and Delhi is 200 km, than what time the two train meet each other?

    • anurag26 says:

      total distance-200km…
      speed of train from delhi(d)-200/4=50kmph
      speed of train from agra(a)-200/(7/2)=(400/7)kmph
      from 6:00 to 8:00 train from (d) would hav travelled =50*2=100km
      now at 8:00 train at (a) also starts ….now distance left is 100km and both are travelling opp to each other:
      time for their encounter: 100/(50+(400/7)) =14/15 hrs=42min
      therefore total time from 6:00=2hrs+42min=8:42
      ans must be 8:42 and not 9:42

  3. binay kumar says:

    at 8:56 they both will meet
    as train x has sp=50kmph n y has sp=57+(1/7)
    both at 8 am will at 100 km covered by x n 100km left where as y will start
    so time to meet would be 100/(50+57+(1/7))=(14/15)*60 = 56 min
    hence 8:56 am they’ll meet

      • Viren says:

        Distance =200 KM
        Time taken by train A= 4hr
        Time taken by train B =3h 30 mins(7/4hr)
        Speed of train A = 200/4=50 Km/h
        Speed of train B = (200)/(7/2)=400/7

        Distance coverd by Train A =2*50=100KM
        When train B starts then remaing distance is 100KM

        Since they are going to meet each other therefore we are adding the speed of the trains.
        ie 50+400/7=750/7

        Distance to be covered = 100 KM
        Time taken to cover that distance = 100/(750/7)
        =>700/750 which gives 14/15.
        14/15 gives .933 hrs
        Converting it in minutes
        .933*60=55.98 minutes.

  4. narayan jadhav says:

    A man in a train notices that he can count 21telephone posts in 2 minutes. If they are known to be 50 mtr apart, then at what speed is the train traveling.

  5. purva says:

    sir, please can u give some tricks to solve problems of logarithmic without using calculator and log table for cracking engineering appti test

  6. rutuja says:

    walking at 5/7th of your usual speed , you will reach the market 16min late . what is the usual time taken by you to reach the market

  7. Archana velama says:

    5/7th of your usual speed made you late by 16 minutes
    that is., 2 parts out of 7 parts is = 16 minutes
    1 part of your speed out of 7 parts is 8 minutes.
    so, your usual speed is 5parts*8 minutes= 40 minutes

  8. Mona says:

    Pls solve this questions a train takes 18 sec to pass completely through a station 162m Long and 15 sec through another station 120 m long.the lenght of the train is ? Ans: 90 m

  9. k. shirish says:

    a boy has to reach 200km by bicycle from point A to B. at the point X km the bicycle has damaged. then he travelled with 3/4th speed he reached 1hr late. assume if bicycle is damaged before 30km then he will reach 12mints late. find the actual speed of bicycle and X value.

  10. shirish says:

    a boy has to reach 200km by bicycle from point A to B. at the point X km the bicycle has damaged. then he travelled with 3/4th speed he reached 1hr late. assume if bicycle is damaged before 30km then he will reach 12mints late. find the actual speed of bicycle and X value.

  11. j.jasmine vinoliya says:

    A training at the speed of 20m/s.crossa ploe in 24secs less than the timeit required cross a plot from thrice is the length the same speed. what is the length of the train?

    please solve this sum

  12. Remya says:

    a boy and a girl start waling towards each other at 4 am at the speed of 5kmph and 3kmph respectively. They were initially 28km apart. At what time do they meet?

  13. akshay says:

    A train delhi to agra start at 5 am and takes 4 hrs to reach and another train agra to delhi start at 7 am and takes 3 and half hours to reach…at which tym they met with each other? Anyone …try

  14. Rajesh says:

    A car travels 840Km at slower speed. If car increases its speed by 10Km/hr it will reach 2 hours early. what is the actual speed of the car?

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