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Problems on Trains Methods shortcut tricks


Problems on Trains Methods shortcut tricks

Shortcut Tricks are very important things in competitive exam. Time is the main factor in competitive exams. If you know how to manage time then you will surely do great in your exam. Most of us skip that part. We provide examples on Problems on Trains shortcut tricks

here in this page below. And we try to provide all types of shortcut tricks on problems on trains here. We request all visitors to read all examples carefully. You can understand shortcut tricks on Problems on Trains Methods by these examples.

First of all do a practice set on math of any exam. Choose any twenty math problems and write it down on a page. Solve first ten math problems according to basic math formula. You also need to keep track of timing. After finish write down total time taken by you to solve those ten maths. Now go through our page for problems on trains shortcut trick. After this do remaining ten questions and apply shortcut formula on those math problems. Again keep track of the time. You will surely see the improvement in your timing this time. But this is not all you want. You need more practice to improve your timing more.

Few Important things to Remember

You all know that math portion is very much important in competitive exams. It doesn’t mean that other topics are not so important. You can get a good score only if you get a good score in math section. A good score comes with practice and practice. All you need to do is to do math problems correctly within time, and you can do this only by using shortcut tricks. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t do math problems without using any shortcut tricks. You may have that potential that you may do maths within time without using any shortcut tricks.

But, so many people can’t do this. Here we prepared problems on trains shortcut tricks for those people. Here in this page we try to put all types of shortcut tricks on Problems on Trains. But if you see any tricks are missing from the list then please inform us. Your help will help others.

Now we will discuss some basic ideas of Problems on Trains Methods. On the basis of these ideas we will learn trick and tips of shortcut problems on trains methods. If you think that how to solve problems on trains methods questions using problems on trains methods shortcut tricks, then further studies will help you to do so.


Problems on Trains

The problem on trains are important chapter for easily get the marks in competitive exam papers. you just remember the way of train cross the object and speed, time and distance. There are train based problem based on two object, First is Train and second object is that which is crossed by the train.

Anything we learn in our school days was basics and that is well enough for passing our school exams. Now the time has come to learn for our competitive exams. For this we need our basics but also we have to learn something new. That’s where shortcut tricks are comes into action. This is the basic theory of train which is applied in question to obtain answers here train Methods of example in different form of examples.

In maths exam papers there are two or three question are given from this chapter. This type of problem are given in Quantitative Aptitude which is a very essential paper in banking exam. Under below  given some more example for your better practice.


Train Speed = Distance / Time.

Points to Remember

  • To change km/hr into m/sec, we need to multiply it by 5 / 18.
    90 km/hr means
    90 x 5 / 18
    = (5 x 5 )
    = 25 m/sec.
  • And id we need to convert m/sec into km/hr, we multiply it by 18 / 5.
    90 m/sec means
    90 x 18 / 5
    = ( 18 x 18 )
    = 324 km/hr.

Some more Points to Remember

  • In train based problems, their are two objects. First object is the Train itself and second object is that, which is crossed by the train.
    So, if a train moving or cross a pole, then the first object is train and the second object is pole.
  • If the train moving or cross the platform then the first object is train and second object is platform which the train is crosses.
  • And, if a train cross or moving a man or woman who is standing on platform then the train is first object and the second object is that man or woman.
  • And also, if a train crossing or moving another train in the same direction or opposite direction then the first object is first train and second object is second train.

Few examples of Problems on Trains with Shortcut Tricks

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    A train passes a station platform in 36 seconds and a man standing on the platform in 20 seconds. If the speed of the train is 54km/hr, what is the length of the platform?

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