Puzzle Quiz 2

Puzzle is a way of build an logical thinking,Using mathematical or reasoning based puzzle make more confident apart from which focused you on the improvement of problem solving skills.In this days many people only focused in learning and get marks in exams that’s all done, but they never prepare how to solves critical questions.

Some time school students are concentrate only there books chapter wise preparation we thought that only that amount study would not be make sufficient knowledge and Many time we are also thought that lack of problem solving proficiency which make us very low equality of thinking in mathematical and logically. So overcome this gap between today’s critical problems solving we need to learn so many thinks like puzzles quiz.

Example 1:
A snail is at the bottom of a 20 meters deep pit. Every day the snail climbs 5 meters upwards, but at night, it slides 4 meters back downwards.
How many days does it take before the snail reaches the top of the pit?

At first day, the snail reaches at the  height of 5 meters and slides down 4 meters at night, and thus ends at a height of 1 meter.
At second day, he reaches 6 meters, but slides back to 2 meters.
At third day, he reaches 7 meters, but slides back to 3 meters.

At fifteenth day, he reaches 19 meters, but slides back to 15 meters.
At sixteenth day, he reaches 20 meters, so now he is at the top of the pit!

Conclusion: The snail reaches the top of the pit on the 16th day!

What does an Island and the letter T have in common?
They’re both in the middle of wa’T’er.

Sonu Mehera was out for a walk when it started to rain. She did not carry an umbrella and she wasn’t wearing any hat. Her clothes were soaked yet not a single hair on her head got wet. How could this happen?
She is bald.

To whom do all men take off their hats?


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