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Math Shortcut Tricks – Learn Quick, Easy, Fast Shortcuts Tricks

Math Shortcut Tricks

If you need a job then you have to passed a Competitive exam. Here in “Math-Shortcut-Tricks.com” we provide a helping hand to our visitors to crack the exam. In every competitive exam what makes you different from others is how fast and efficiently you do your maths. Efficiency comes by practicing more and more. But if you want to do your math problems faster than others then you need to use math shortcut tricks. These tricks will helps you to do math problem faster.

Here in our website we try to provide some basic math shortcut tricks as well as tricks on some important chapters. Try to remember Basic math shortcut tricks, it will help you to do all maths very fast and efficiently. We also provide few questions and tricks on Roman Numeral and Puzzles. Below we discuss some tricks.


Basic math shortcut tricks Basic Shortcut Tricks
Addition Tricks | Multiplication Tricks | Division Tricks

Square and Cube math shortcut tricks Square and Cube Tricks
Square and Square Root Tricks | Cube and Cube Root Tricks

Quantitative Aptitude math shortcut tricks Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Tricks
Number Series | Percentage | Profit and Loss | Simple Interest and Compound Interest | Average | Ratio and Proportion | Problems Based on Ages | Partnership | Time and Work | Pipe and Cistern | Speed Time and Distance | Problems on Trains | Mixture and Alligation | Inequality | Permutation and Combination | Mensuration | Boats and Streams | Probability Tricks | Problem on Numbers


Math-Shortcut-Tricks.com helps you to prepare for Bank exams, all sorts of Govt job exams and other competitive exams.

Feel free to ask any questions on math shortcut. If you need any help then put a comment below. We will definitely reply as soon as possible.


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