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Ration Series Example 1

Ration Series Example 1

Ration Series Example is a arrangement of numbers in a certain order, T

his type of series are based on ratio series and you have to find changes and orders that found out  in difference between the numbers .

All numbers are arranged in sequence order. we need to observe and find the accurate number to this type series of numbers. Here we learn the ratio series of Example. Find the accurate number to the blank or ? mark series of numbers using calculation.

Few Important things to Remember

In ratio Series number is a combination of number in another way it is not a sequential number series number are arranged . In example 1) 11, 22, 33, 44, 88, ?  where you need to count them in a one step or two step calculation for obtain the difference common result according with the series of ratio numbers .

you can calculate missing number in ratio series  and  that you place the actual missing number in the ? or missing place . Be prepared when you calculate differences because it is either one or two step calculation. So when you calculate and get result of  two difference numbers you need follow some step wise.

At first calculate the first and second number common difference then follow same steps  another two number differences which is carry up to last and after that you get actual missing number by finding the common difference when you put the missing number you have noticed that all series numbers are common difference in between them.


This kind of missing ratio series calculation you go thorough some common calculation shortcut tricks  using square or division, cube, addition, multiplication.

Ration Series Example

In this type series example questions, it is sounds hard, but it really isn’t.  Get it? Once you have done this, by practice with more example then you just easily can do in your way as well competitive and as in bank exam also . This type of problem are given in Quantitative Aptitude which is a very essential in banking exam . Under below  given some more example for your better practice . So, each of our examples are given below.


Ration Series:

Find the missing term .
Examples: 11, 22, 44, 88, ?
separate each number and
or, 11 x 2 = 22,
or, 22 x 2 = 44,
then, 44 x 2 = 88,
therefore, 88 x 2 = 176.



Examples: 13, 26, 412, ?, 1648
separate each number and
or, (1+1 = 2,3+3 = 6) = 26,
or, (2+2=4,6+6 = 12) = 412,
then, (41+41=82, 2+2=4 = 824,
or, (82+82=164, 4+4= 8) = 1648.
So, the missing term is 824.



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