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Profit and Loss Hard Example

Profit and Loss Hard Example


Here are few Profit and Loss Hard Example which will help you to prepare for your Competitive Exams.

Example #1

Sanjay invest Rs.36000/- to start a business. 4 month later Subham joined him and invested Rs.64000/- and another 2 month later Sonali joined them both with Rs.40000/-. At end of the year they earned profit from business Rs.14800/-. Find the share of profit of Shubham.

  1. Rs.5800/-
  2. Rs.6000/-
  3. Rs.6400/-
  4. Rs.6650/-

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Answer: Option (C)
How to Solve
Sanjay : Subham : Sonali = 36000 x 12 : 64000 x 8 : 40000 x 6 = 27 : 32 : 15

Share of profit of Shubham is = 14800 x 32 / 74 = Rs.6400/-.

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